About Nancy

Meet Nancy…

Over the past 20 years, Nancy has developed and taught a unique process for attracting and retaining valuable customers, especially female customers who today are responsible for the majority of household purchases and the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs. Her consulting and programs have a proven track record of enabling companies to generate unique marketing, sales and relationship propositions with the focus on sustainable growth. As CEO of her business, Grow Your Business Network, satisfied clients like Office Depot, Walmart, UPS, Xerox, Wells Fargo, HP and many others have benefited by Nancy’s tried and true methods for igniting quick results. She has consulted, spoken or taught in 42 states to more than 60,000 entrepreneurs on behalf of such clients.

Nancy is the author of five books including Perfecting Your Pitch, Off The Wall Marketing Ideas, How To Be A Big Fish In Any Pond, Media Madness, and A to Z to Visibility. In January 2012, she will launch her latest book, Stripped! Adventures in Reinvention.

She is the first recipient to win the Tom Peters WOW! Project Personified Award, which was a cover story for Fast Company magazine. She acts as Lead Consultant and host of Office Depot.com’s Web Café Series of on-line seminars geared toward small business owners.

Nancy is Inc.com’s Solo Business Expert on sales, marketing and business development issues for the solo entrepreneur. She has served as Small Business Editor at US News & World Report, and the Small Business Marketing Expert for Entrepreneur magazine. She is a regular contributor to Franchise Update and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Small Business (FSB), Success Magazine, The New York Post, Franchising Magazine, among numerous others publications. Nancy was also a nationally syndicated newspaper small business columnist for Scripps-Howard News Service and was publicist for Matt Lauer, current co-host of the Today show.

In the spring of 2005, Nancy became very ill and underwent a liver transplant due to liver failure. She is the grateful recipient of a donor liver.